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Tenant Guide – Renting a Property with Spruce Tree Lettings

We can offer a professional and helpful service to help find the right home for you. Please find below some useful information that will guide you through the process of renting with Spruce Tree Lettings Ltd.

Application and administration/agency fees

Once settled on a particular property you wish to rent, we will ask you to apply through our online referencing partner. The planned start date will also be determined.

At the point you submit your application, a holding deposit of one week's rent is payable. This is to reserve a property. Please Note: This will be withheld if any relevant person (including any guarantor(s)) withdraw from the tenancy, fail a Right-to-Rent check, provide materially significant false or misleading information, or fail to sign their tenancy agreement (and / or Deed of Guarantee) within 15 calendar days (or other Deadline for Agreement as mutually agreed in writing). Interest earned on any client monies (tenant, landlord or other) whilst in the company client account will be retained by the Agent.

See our section on application instructions and fees for more information.

Holding rent

In order to take the property off the market until the planned tenancy star date, a holding deposit is required. The holding fee secures the landlord against all reasonable costs incurred should you withdraw from the agreement or fail to take up the tenancy within the agreed timescales. This is one weeks rent and is payable at the start of the tenancy application.

See our section on application instructions and fees for more information.


As part of the application, we will endeavour (with your permission) to obtain written references to support the information you provide. This will usually mean contacting your employer, current or previous landlord and/or someone to give you a character reference. We will also carry out a credit search, using an independent referencing company.

Should we decide a guarantor is needed before a tenancy can be granted; the same process of referencing will apply to the guarantor.


Some landlords may wish to apply certain restrictions to a tenancy. Please find below some examples of typical restrictions that may be imposed:

    •   Pets
    •   Smokers

You should be advised of any restrictions before an agreed viewing of a property takes place.

Self-employed applicants

If you are self-employed, we will require a written reference from your bank and accountant. We will also require accounts, usually dating back three years.

Tenancy deposit scheme

At the start of every tenancy we collect a deposit, normally equal to a minimum of one month’s rent, which is used in the event of breakage or damage caused.

In accordance with the Housing Act 2004, landlords are no longer permitted to retain a tenant’s deposit and must select either an insured based or custodial based scheme in which to hold a tenant’s deposit. A statutory certificate is then supplied to the tenant advising on which approved scheme protects the deposit. This must be done within 14 days of the tenancy start date. Please speak to one of our representatives for further information.

Tenancy deposit dispute

In the event of a dispute, both parties will have 10 days to resolve the matter. If no resolution has been reached, they will be invited to make use of the Alternative Dispute Resolution process that is provided free with their chosen deposit scheme. Should the parties opt for Alternative Dispute Resolution they will be bound by its decision with no redress to the courts.

Check in

As soon as we receive satisfactory replies to our reference enquiries, we shall contact you to agree a time to move in on the planned commencement date.

Transfer of utilities and council tax

We would advise that for the start of the tenancy, you arrange for gas, electric, water, telephone and council tax accounts to be transferred into your name, unless the landlord has arranged for Spruce Tree Lettings to arrange this. Please speak to one of our representatives who will instruct you further.

Tenants insurance

When renting a property it is very important to make sure you are covered by insurance for any damages that may occur. The landlord’s own insurance will not cover the tenant’s belongings. It will also exclude cover for if a tenant accidentally damages the landlord’s property and therefore it could result in the loss of your deposit to cover the repairs.

Please speak to one our representatives for further details.


Rents are paid in advance. Interest earned on any client monies (tenant, landlord or other) whilst in the company client account will be retained by the Agent.

To find out more and ask any questions please send us a message or phone 01332 910499.

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